The production of cluster tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and sweet tomatoes is carried out at Smyrna Sera through hydroponics without a need for such factors as fertilizers, pesticides and excessive watering besides the opportunity of hygienic and tastier products production.

In hydroponics, natural food substances (potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus, magnesium, etc.) and minerals that are required to be obtained from the soil are given to the root of the plant through the spiral drip irrigation with the use of a fully computer controlled system. Smyrna Tomatoes are produced in a Coco-peat area of organic coconut shells that allow the root to keep water. Through this method, the plants are optimally produced without the use of chemical substance and hormones.

Healthy tomatoes that are monitored from the automation system are produced at Smyrna Seracılık through the knowledge derived from the required settings. 

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