Under normal circumstances, coal and natural gas are used in heating the greenhouses. In Smyrna Sera, known for its eco-friendly technological infrastructure, the hot water derived from the geothermal wells below a dept of 1.800 meters is used and the temperature difference between the greenhouses and the outside conditions in the winter months can reach 25C°.  

    In Smyrna Sera;

    • The use of 2.400 tons coal is refrained.

    • Thanks to the carbon dioxide, the products are more delicious, more aromatic and redder.

    • Coco-peat that is an organic method from coconut shell is used as the production area. This method enables less water consumption. Furthermore, as a result of the production of organic products, the environmental risk is eliminated.   

    • 15% of the irrigation is met by the rain water. With this method, 200 tons of water per day is saved. 

     Biological Control