Our Story

The story of the tomatoes produced at the Smyrna Sera starts with the provision of the Smyrna Tomato seeds to the seedling growers. After the end of 6-week growth period of the seeds, the tomatoes are submitted to Smyrna.

The young seedlings are 15 cm on average and they are meticulously separated and they are planted into the coco-peat slabs one by one. 
At the end of the 8-week period, they grow to a height of 2.5 meters. The harvest period of matured tomatoes begins. The harvest period starts in the mid-October and continues until July.

Every stage of the production at Smyrna Seracılık is monitored through the latest technology and managed through the automation system. The stages providing contribution to the whole production process such as the heating, fogging, shade screens, windows and irrigation frequency are carried out through the automation system specially programmed for Smyrna Sera. While the hot water derived from the geothermal well is used for the heating of the greenhouse in the winter months, carbon dioxide which is derived from the geothermal well is used to give flavor to the tomatoes.

Chemical substances and hormones are not used in any production stage in order to support the biological control. 

Smelling wonderful just like old days, Smyrna Tomatoes are grown without any use of chemicals and hormone and it is highly flavored and healthy. 

 Our Mission